In The Name Of

The tides are high with so
Many people projecting themselves
As counselors and deliverance ministers.

They open up to the issues of others
And offer to help with all the right
Intentions only to be bitten and
Wounded badly.

You can’t offer what you don’t have
And that’s what these people don’t
Understand. Just because you know
Some scriptures doesn’t mean you
Can effectively help others come out of their addictions.

I’ve seen so many innocent souls
Caught up in the web of the very addictions they were helping others
To be liberated from.

I’ve seen them literally rub their dignity in the mud as they end up in fleshly lusts with their counselees and engage in all manner of sexual perversions with them.

They just didn’t listen to the Holy
Spirit concerning their involvement
In such matters.
They carelessly plunged themselves into a ministry they were not called into in the first place.

Even if they were called, they didn’t allow themselves to be groomed and
Made ready.
It’s a pity to see these souls have their lives wasted and reduced to nothing.

In the name of “spiritual father”,
Dignified men have become mere men and gods have turned to dogs.
Let this not be your portion!

Guard your heart with the truth as
You allow the Holy Spirit to lead you.
If you listen to Him, you’ll avoid some
Fatal mistakes that may even land you in hell.

May God be glorified in your life now
And forevermore- Amen.


Our Worst Foes

Souls perishing in the graveyard of sorrows; screaming and languishing in the fires of hell;
Their worms not dying, their hope forever dashed.

My heart beats for this generation; for the perversion that’s clothed us and the abomination that so freely pervades our thoughts.

A generation that thinks they know it all,
That wallows in the vomit of its ignorance and soils its garments with the vilest of despicable acts.

It’s a cursed generation;
A generation that Sodom and Gomorrah will vehemently despise and Nineveh will without a second thought flee away from.

What we have become has no name; where we are heading has no shame. For shame is an understatement;
We’re too far gone and it’s anything but funny!

How did we get here??
How did our parents suddenly begin to advocate for the banning of canes in our schools??

How did they fall into the illusion of stuffing us with gadgets and daily access
To wifi whiles ignoring our subtle disobedience and inclination to foolery??

They were rigorously disciplined
So why will they plug into a switch that is inevitably headed for our destruction??
Our parents are failing us; they’re our worst foes.

Someday we’ll look back and curse them;
We’ll realise what evil they’ve done to us and fume with animosity towards them,
But it will be too late then.
No amount of cursing and hatred will fix us.

A world characterised by foolery and bent on making a mockery of the sacred texts.
A world that is “woke” and has thus, forsaken the ancient paths.

We have spelt our doom and we’ll bear the repercussions of our actions.
When it’s all said and done and our fate finds its claws in the pits of hell,
It is then that we’ll fully comprehend the magnitude of our folly.

All is not well (Sigh).

Nana Kwame



My heart stirs up emotions too deep
For words; my thoughts sink into the abyss of chaos and blunt confusion.
My imaginations crush me to pieces; I’m a lost soul wallowing in the cave of Machpelah.

I see the patriarchs of old, their bodies
Long eaten by worms and maggots but their presence still a powerful vibrance, their stories etched in every nook and cranny of the cave.

So those patriarchs were real??
I thought they existed only in the Bible and were not consistent with human history!
The cave winds further and I’m out …
The patriarchs of old were more real than the  air I’m breathing!!

A young lad lying in bed, receiving visions of what has already been and taking it all in however strange those visions are.
I hear clearly the words “Son of David” and I see a very fine gentleman with hair somewhat reddish wine  and curly with spots on his face like some albinos have.

Then I hear “the greatest privilege was for the  Creator of the universe to be called my Son. Such a humbling experience! Yet in actuality, I am His son and He is my God, my Salvation and My Authority!

I only was bestowed this privilege as

He was from my lineage but even moreso because I had gained favour in the Father’s sight as the “man after His heart”.

Suddenly, I see a Man knelt in agonising prayer; His voice is unintelligible; groaning and weeping and I’m moved to weep as well.

Never have I seen a Man in such sorrow and grief! I see trees around Him, certainly He’s in a garden and I know it’s the Garden of Gethsemane (because I’ve read in the Scriptures).

But it’s His voice and facial expression that cripples me. His sweat falls like heaps of blood; and I’m wondering why all this experience and surreal visions. This Man surely has sorrow, grief, agony, unbearable pain and much more tied around His neck! He’s undoubtedly a troubled soul!!

Then I remember the vision I had some time ago about this same Man I’m seeing in the Garden of Gethsemane only that time He was glorified and didn’t look troubled at all. He was leading a procession with blood dripping from His wrist.

He was in pure white robes with myriads of glorified people dressed in the same robes. As they took even steps, I heard them sing “Sin is defeated, my hope found on the rugged Cross. Such an exchange for my soul, that a King would die for me. Through Your precious blood I’ve been made whole and forever I will be grateful”.

(Oh Lord who am I that You give me visions like this?? I’m lost for words …..

Nana Kwame

Be Kind To Your Mind

What do you feed your mind with??
What do you feast on with your eyes??
How do you go through the day??
Do you go through it allowing lustful thoughts to pervade your mind??

What are the issues of your heart??
Are they wholesome so that your mind is ridden of evil thoughts??
To what extent do you allow your imagination to soar??
Does it soar with positive imageries or imageries that will leave your soul perverted??

Are you kind to your mind??
Are you choosy with what you watch and listen to or you’re loose and allow just anything into the portals of your mind??

Be kind you your mind. Let the words of your mouth and the meditations of your heart be acceptable in the sight of your Creator.


Nana Kwame

Letter To God

Letter To God

Dear God, this world is no longer
a safe place to live; panic attacks are everywhere as pestilences saturate the atmosphere.

Men upon all their technology are weak and clueless and can’t simply find solutions to the epidemics and pandemics that befuddle the human race.

Lord God, we confess that we’ve wandered far from Your purpose and plan and willingly walked in the wrong direction; we’ve disobeyed Your commands.
We’re sorry Lord, forgive our sorry souls we pray.

Like sheep without a shepherd, we’ve strayed so far that coming back to You seems almost impossible. But You are our Father and our only Hope. We need to feel Your touch again; we need to be comforted and assured that all is well with us even in this season of agonising pain and sorrow.

These may be signs of the end times as prophesied in Matthew 24 but it still does little to soothe the grief that overwhelms us as we lose loved ones and are forced to deal with the painful separation and heartache for the rest of our lives.

Help us to fix our eyes ever on You, to gaze upon Your Presence as the very essence of our being. Comfort the hearts of every bereaved family as You journey with them through the dark alley to the end where Your light will shine forth as the morning sun and Your joy will once again be full in their lives.

Till You come again, overlook our wretchedness and make us worthy vessels of Your Great Commission. Burn in us the hunger and passion for lost souls and grant us the means to fulfill this great commandment. We’re grateful for Your goodness and mercy and will never take Your kindness for granted.

There’s more to tell You God, but that will be reserved for another day.
Till then, may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with us now and always – Amen.

Nana Kwame

The Temptation

The Temptation

Women’s legs and feet:
What is it about them that leaves me vulnerable and exposed??
That renders me weak and helpless??

It’s been a journey of going to hell and back , and back to hell again, seething with sore displeasure by the feelings of lust that set my soul on ungodly fire.

It’s been dark days and darker nights,
Voices from the dark world clouding my thoughts and piercing them with their daggers and arrows; all has not been well.

I lie in my bed with my temperature rising, my mind racing from the vulnerability that adorns the short and bitten fingernails of women both young and old –

My strange addiction stimulating the passion and desire that leads my soul to the corridors of hell.
What’s it about those short and bitten fingernails that tickles my fancy??

My mind bloats with imaginations of women with short and bitten fingernails dipping their fingers in some sauce or iced cream and teasing me with them till I have them full in my mouth, licking them amidst moans and groans.

I’m weird I know but I’m even weirder judging from the fact that the Christian society nowadys wants to publicly project a version of themselves that is “holier than thou” whilst donning the devil’s costume in their closets.

Hypocrisy is an understatement and we’re deceived into thinking that because we flow in the gifts of the Spirit and the talents God has given us, we’re making it to Heaven somehow.

So here I am, a soul set on fire by the shapely legs and dainty feet of women; hypnotised by women who bite their fingernails and thus, have short fingernails.

Give me a woman who has the two and like Delilah in the Samson story, you are sure to cause my fall from grace.
It’s 3:33 am, sleep beckons my eye sockets.

Till we meet again, this is just a young chap with some strange addictions.


Heaven or hell??
Or earth forever???
There’s no in between; no
Common grounds for all race and tribe.
It’s either torment or peace,
Bliss or overwhelming sorrow.

Our lives are a mist;
Here today but gone tomorrow.
We’re vessels whose content diminishes By the day.
We are immortals in mortal bodies;
Spirits residing in carnal frames.

We’ll all succumb to the icy hands
Of death someday should Jesus tarry
And wait for the day of judgment.
No one is above the law; no one will
Be deemed too big to be judged.

It’s a mystery then that we live in this
God forsaken world as if this is our final destination.
We lay up treasures here and chase
After everything this world has to offer .

Today we mourn the death of Kobe,
Gigi and the other passengers who lost their lives. It’s such a huge shock as we strive to cope with this unexpected bad news.
But they’re gone and will never return.

Our time will also come, we’ll go and
Never return.
When all is said and done, where will
We spend eternity???

#ripkobe #mambamentality #ripgigi

Nana Kwame

Nugget For Life

Do you know God or you know everything about God? Do you personally know Him or you know Him through the teachings of religious men?
There are theologians and religious scholars, people who have devoted their time to read and research the Scriptures and all that’s associated with them but never truly know Who the Author of those sacred texts are.
Have you noticed that there are some who know everything about celebrities, the number of cars they have, their children, the number of mansions they have, their marital lives and all that there is to know about them but do not personally know them? Heck if those celebrities they know everything about met them on the streets , they’ll bypass them because truth is just because they know everything about the celebrities doesn’t mean the celebrities know them.
Because you see it’s possible to know everything about someone but not know that person personally and not be known by them.
God wants us to go back to the basics where our love for Him is so intense and our preference is Him before anyone or any other thing.
It’s about time we put things back in perspective and returned to our first love. It’s about time and now is the time. May we find grace to help us in this time of need. Shalom brethren …shalom!

Inspired by Pastor Emmanuel Adjei’s sermon on the 1st of December 2019 at GTP Kabod Assembly .

Put together by Nana Kwame .

For The Gram (Instagram)

For the gram, I’d do anything; just anything, you name it! I’d go through hell if I have to.
I must show the world what glamorous life I’m living and what beauty encapsulates this pretty body.

For the gram, I’d expose some parts of my body; the world will have to see what “perfect” thighs I have or behold the charm of my boobs or buttocks. I must present this version of myself where it’s all flawless.

For the gram, I’d put on the best makeup; those potholes and pimples must be concealed; those natural looks must make way for what I perceive the world will like which is a spotless and unblemished face.

For the gram, I’d spend countless hours choosing the right outfit, fixing the right nails, having the most appropriate hair done and trying out the smiles that will fit each post.
For the gram! It’s all for the gram!

But is it really worth it???
Am I trying to fool the viewers into believing a lie when in actuality I’m fooling myself because I’m living that lie???

Is my life so pathetic that my fulfillment comes from likes and comments???
For how long will I live in this bondage, where I’ll have to keep up appearances???

But I don’t really have a choice do I???
I cannot afford to lose my fanbase and all the “prestige” that comes with the likes and comments.

Yes; my life is a total mess and a wretch and is in sharp contrast to my posts but you see, this is all for the gram and for the gram I’d do anything; I’d even go through hell if I have to!

(Don’t be discouraged by the posts you see on social media because you think the people updating those posts are living better and lavish lifestyles. You may be surprised that you’re a hundred million times better than they are! Be thankful and stay humble and enjoy your journey. Shalom!)

Nana Kwame


Lust doesn’t know sister or brother;
It doesn’t know mother or father;
Lust is no respecter of persons.
Lust doesn’t know Pastor or church member,
It doesn’t know church leaders or congregants.
Lust is not love therefore it seeks its own pleasure and satisfaction.
It doesn’t care what the end results will be as long as its gratification is satiated.
Lust doesn’t know what unconditional love is , it doesn’t understand chastity and purity. Lust thrives on physical qualities and broods an atmosphere of fetishism.
Lust is carnality and sensuality; it is masturbation and the use of sex toys of sorts to stimulate the body to inhumane sexual submission.
It is the many priceless hours spent viewing pornography and fantasising about ladies you may never meet.
It is the sublime expression of “love”
between same sex partners; the drive that renders gods dogs and masters slaves.
Lust is the destroyer of kings; the force that tears down fortresses and strongholds.
Lust is death personified; it is the bait that draws the victim into its net and quickly traps it into eternal destruction.
Lust, because it’s death itself exists only in this fading world; its eternal abode is in the Lake of Fire.
Lust is a tyrant; it doesn’t care about you so why entertain it??
Can a man allow coals of fire into his bosom and not be burnt??? (Think deeply about this).


Nana Kwame